Wednesday, September 19, 2012

English 110

One of the rhetorical modes used by Ted Conover in chapter one was description. As he travels on different roads he comes upon different scenarios. For example, while he was in La Victoria district of Callao he noticed large piles of trash on the street that were left by a garbage truck; there he also saw naked toddlers and prostitutes. Conover went from seeing walls of people’s homes that were made out of cardboard, sheet metal, scraps, and woven cane mats to women standing on the road by piles of boxes (that contained green grapes) trying to hitch a ride.  The roads brought forth different journeys and different experiences as well as history. It was said that in Central America the Maya and civilizations after them left behind Sacbe, Their own special road, that are always straight; Chacoan roads, as well as Sacbe roads, were perfectly straight.